Seetroën Glasses By Citroën Will Eliminate Motion Sickness

A new pair of glasses created by engineers from automobile manufacturer Citroën will eliminate motion sickness after being worn for just 10 minutes. Motion sickness, one of the issues that need to be addressed by virtual reality technology, remains a pressing problem in real life. There have been some extreme solutions, such as applying mild shocks to the head, but Citroën claims that its new product will cure motion sickness.

Seetroën Glasses As Motion Sickness Remedy

Motion sickness happens whenever the human brain receives conflicting reports on perceived motion from the eyes and inner ear. It is usually experienced whenever a person looks down at a smartphone or tablet while in a moving vehicle.

Engineers from Citroën claim that they have created the perfect way on how to stop motion sickness with the Seetroën glasses. The glasses use the Boarding Ring technology, which was created by the French start-up of the same name, to prevent its wearers from suffering from motion sickness.

The principle of Seetroën and the Boarding Ring technology is that with the moving liquid in rings framing the wearer’s eyes, the glasses recreate the horizon line to address the conflict within a person’s senses that causes motion sickness.

By Aaron Mamiit