Mattel Releases Line of Gender-Neutral Creatable World Dolls

This is not a Barbie doll. This is the new Creatable World doll.

Going beyond the traditional Barbie tagline of “You can be anything,” the Creatable World doll is a high-fashion doll that is “designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in.” With the release of Mattel’s new gender-neutral dolls on Wednesday, the concept of high-fashion dolls is changing alongside the diverse array of kids that play with them.

The dolls aren’t assigned to any particular gender, and without its formerly feminine label, the new Creatable World dolls cater to children who adopt various pronouns and those who identify as transgender, gender-fluid or nonbinary.

These new dolls are designed to look like a 7-year-old with polished, makeup-free faces. As far as accessories, there is the optional wig and a gender-neutral wardrobe of hoodies, camo pants and tutus.

Marissa Beck, director of global communications at Mattel, discussed the importance of removing gender from children’s toys, especially dolls. Beck said, “We’re just excited to continue to push this forward and really redefine who the doll is for. Because it is for all kids.”

According to Beck, most of the marketing behind this line is driven in-house, but Mattel also joined forces with the social agency Deutsch, media buying agency Spark and PR agency Golin.

Mattel used Instagram to reach parents and children and had a robust influencer program on YouTube, where some of the most prominent voices on social media spoke positively about the benefits of these dolls.

By Clara Seung Lee