Jaguar Offers Pet-Friendly Accessories

Jaguar gives dog owners the opportunity to gift their pets an exclusive range of pet products.

Available across Jaguar’s range of SUVs – the PACE family and the XF Sportbrake; the luxury vehicle brand offers customers an option between four sets of pet products. These include pet luggage compartment featuring luggage compartment liner, full-height luggage partition and spill-resistant water bowl; and pet transportation including foldable carrier and luggage compartment rubber mat.

For pet care and access, the product range offers comfort modules to help owners transport pets with ease; and the pet rear seat protection shields the rear seats from any damage caused by muddy or wet paws.

Apart from the packages, individual merchandise includes items such as a spill-resistant water bowl, access ramp, foldable pet carrier, tailored quilted load space liner and portable rinse system.

By Prealene Khera