Ford made a conveyor belt mattress to keep bed hoggers in their own lane

Move over, sex buttons, it turns out that the company most likely to improve couples’ relationships and save marriages is actually… Ford? The company has been known to develop conceptual prototypes that utilize its car technology in unexpected ways, like this smart crib that puts babies fast asleep by replicating car rides, or this noise-canceling dog kennel. This time, the company’s created a conveyor belt bed that takes inspiration from Ford’s lane-keeping technology to keep bed hoggers on their own side.

The bed has a pressure sensor that can tell when your partner has clearly violated your half of the bed, which is rightfully yours. Ford’s blog says the conveyor belt gently returns “selfish sleepers” to where they should be, much like how Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid shifts vehicles back into their correct lanes by “nudging” the steering wheel in the correct direction.

Though it’s just a prototype, Ford’s definitely onto something here. If they don’t jump onto production for this, it’s only a matter of time before another trendy mattress startup does, and sells infinite units.

By Dami Lee