You love our music, now try our movies!

Chicago’s Latino Film Festival tapped into the mainstream popularity of Latin music this year to tempt Americans to try Latino movies as well.

With hits like “Despacito” and artists like Camila Cabello riding high in the music charts, agency Lapiz created a series of “danceable trailers” for films like “Virus Tropical,” “Lo que podriamos ser” and “Broche de Oro: Comenzios,” with music performed by Latino artists and lyrics describing the plots of the movies.

The songs were played on the radio and in dance clubs ahead of the film festival in April, followed by a message about the movies and the tagline: “You love our music, now try our movies.” At clubs, each song was matched with projections from the film posters.

As a result, the Festival had it most successful year ever, with 24 sold-out screenings and 35,000 attendees, a quarter of whom were non-Hispanic Americans.