Touch Controlled Earbuds: TicPods Free

Known as TicPods Free, the water- and dust-resistant new buds are similar to AirPods in form, but there’s at least one big difference – they’re touch-controlled. Users slide their finger along one side to adjust the volume, double-tap to take calls or advance to the next song, and do a long press to reject calls or activate their phone’s voice assistant.

The earbuds communicate with the phone via Bluetooth 4.2, and can run for four hours per charge from their included charging case – it, in turn, is good for 14 hours per charge.

Unlike some other wireless earbuds, the TicPods play back phone call audio in both ears. Some of their other features – which aren’t necessarily unique to them – include passive noise cancellation, noise isolation (for blocking out background sounds when the user is making a call) and in-ear detection, which automatically pauses music when one earbud is removed from the ear.

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By Ben Coxworth