Smelling Good – World’s First Sunglasses Made from Coffee

Every year, it’s obvious that people are growing increasingly eager for an eco-friendly life. And this is reflected in the products people are choosing to spend their money on.

It’s no wonder, then, that product developers are getting more and more creative in finding ways to bring sustainable but practical products to market.

And this definitely includes the world’s first eyewear made from coffee…

Marketed under the brand name ‘Ochis Coffee’, this organic, durable and high-quality eyewear not only looks good – but also emits a delightful coffee aroma. (Perfect for latte addicts like myself!)

The matte frame is pleasant to the touch, and features a lightweight, flexible bow and adjustable temples. This makes it possible for any person to quickly and easily adjust the frames without the aid of any special equipment.

Coffee glasses 4

The frames are also lighter than standard plastic frames, and can be cleaned effortlessly with just a damp cloth.

Max Gavrilenko, the founder of Ukraine-based Ochis Coffee, told us:

“My father owned an optical store and workshop, where I studied glasses from early childhood. During this time, I saw lots of glasses and came up with the idea of creating eco-friendly, comfortable and universal frames that wearers can easily adjust to fit themselves.

“However, it was only recently, that I developed the eco-material made from coffee and flax. This is the material that all Ochis Coffee frames are now made from.”

Speaking with Max, it’s clear that one of his main drivers behind the vegan-friendly coffee sunglasses is his strong desire to move eyewear production away from petroleum plastic. And he’s certainly managed to do this with his innovative coffee frames.

Max actually uses coffee millcake and flax meal as the recyclable components of his frames. And this allows the frames to completely decompose after 10 years in soil or water (100 times faster than plastic frames). So whether you bury the frames in your garden – or if you happen to lose them when walking in nature – the frames will handily turn into a natural fertilizer for new plants.

Max Gavrilenko 3

The first coffee frames to come into production will be fitted with stylish Carl Zeiss lenses, with a choice of four colours. But Max tells us that it’s possible to install any type of prescription lenses if needed.

By Craig J Todd