Shape: A Visual, Collaborative Space to Build, Test, and Refine your Ideas

After extensive research with 60+ innovation leaders across the world, from startup CEOs to Fortune 100 Chief Innovation Officers, we found that almost all organizations struggle to make objective, data-driven decisions that challenge the status quo in order to invest in the ideas with the most merit.

The collaboration and open innovation platforms in the market today are not customer-centric, lack the ability to quickly gather concise feedback, and turn the experts in these processes into bottlenecks. 

Shape helps teams collaborate on new ideas—from ideation and synthesis to gathering feedback directly from customers—and supports organizations in moving innovation efforts into results.

Get quick and easy access to feedback from customers, stakeholders and experts.

With Shape, you can:

Gather inspiration and ideas
Create visual spaces to brainstorm a new idea or share design inspiration across an organization. Develop your early ideas in a collaborative space, and easily request feedback directly within the platform.

Engage and guide teams through proven processes
Avoid repeating the same work by creating your own templates. Save time by leveraging your organization’s existing templates to get started quickly.

Activate communities and teams around shared strategic challenges
Shape scales from small teams to globally distributed communities. Collaborate with, guide and bring together diverse groups of people to share insights and design solutions for tough challenges.

Quickly and flexibly gather customer feedback
Collect actionable, qualitative and quantitative feedback directly from customers. Use this feedback to iterate, improve, and choose the ideas that are most likely to succeed.

Build and share a knowledge base
Share your work with remote teams and build upon the work of others across your organization. Document and manage your processes and projects in a transparent way. Establish a go-to source of information for teams in your organization.