I’ve got you under my skin!

This Tattoo Ink Uses *Hair* to Immortalize Your Loved Ones

Swiss tattoo ink company, SKIN46, has invented the first-ever “biogenic tattoo ink” made from human or even animal hair. Here’s how it works: carbon is “extracted from human material and/or animal material,” which is then added to “a base composition of the tattoo ink.” If you thought you’d have to shell out the big bucks for hair-infused ink, think again — the price point is similar to any other tattoo, according to the brand. Color us surprised!

Needless to say, reactions to using hair-infused ink for a new tatt have been varied. “The idea of SKIN46 tattoo ink starts some seriously spirited conversations,” SKIN46 founder, Andreas Wampl, said in a press release. “Some think it’s offensive, while a huge amount of tattoo lovers thinks it’s an amazing concept.”

If safety concerns are on your mind, rest assured that this compelling concoction officially meets the safety regulations for tattoo ink in the United States and a myriad of other countries. Daring ink enthusiasts have already experimented with large applications: German tattoo model, Makani Terror, was one of the first to test the concept last year when she used fur from her cat to create a larger-than-life portrait of the kitty on her thigh.

We’re anticipating this trend will inspire some adorable tributes to loved ones — as the brand says, these tattoos are like bringing Frank Sinatra’s lyrics, “I’ve got you under my skin,” to life.

By Sophie Wirt
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