Google’s Project Jacquard returns on an Yves Saint Laurent backpack strap

Google’s Project Jacquard — the company’s touch-sensitive fabric technology — is making a surprise return today with the announcement of a second product using the tech: the Cit-E smart backpack, built in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent, that features a touch-sensitive shoulder strap for controlling a connected smartphone.

Like the first Jacquard-powered product, the Levi’s smart jacket, the Cit-E backpack is powered by a removable “tag” that houses the battery and internal hardware. Once paired with a phone, you’ll be able to control things using four gestures on the touch-sensitive area on the front of the left shoulder strap: swipe up, swipe down, double tap, and covering it up.

The inside of the backpack, where the Jacquard dongle is stored (left) and the dongle itself (right)

As for the bag itself, it appears to be a fairly nice bag, which is more or less what you’d expect from Yves Saint Laurent. The exterior shell is made of nylon, with a canvas lining on the inside, along with a few internal pockets (one meant for a cell phone and another larger, padded pocket that’s likely meant for a laptop or tablet).

By Chaim Gartenberg